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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Qi Lu Fort, Shi Qi Lu Battery Park, Shantou

The Shi Qi Lu Park in Shantou, China, has a unique circular fort, the Qi Lu Fort, which was initiated in 1874 and completed in 1879.Its building was approved by Emperor Tongzhi in the Qing Dynasty. It is surrounded by a moat. It faces the sea and was the first bastion of defence for the city. 18 cannons both on the upper and lower levels are pointed seawards where the aggressors would approach. This fortification covers an area of 5.8 hectares.
This fort has unique features. The upper level is flat while the base is arched. There are holes in the ceiling of the ground floor. These holes provided ventilation and allowed sunlight into the ground floor where the soldiers were.
Soldiers stationed at the ramparts would use the ventilation vents which looked like little chimneys, to communicate with those on the ground. There are 72 of them altogether.
They would shout for reinforcement or additional supplies of ammunition and their comrades on the ground would hasten to deliver barrows of ammunition or cannon balls, pushing them up the Ripple staircase.
This Ripple staircase is ingenious as the 27 steps are rounded to enable the wheels of the barrows to be trundled up to the ramparts to deliver the ammunition.

This fort was later used as a military camp but in the 1990s it was turned into a
a commemorative park and it makes a picturesque background for photo shoots. It is also known as the Shi Lu Pao Tai Park.